What did I do wrong, Canada?

Real and thoughtful. Hard to read like it should be. Canadian is a Canadian.


What did I do wrong, Canada, that makes you value me less?

I did what I was supposed to. I learned English. I learned French. I learned history, and I learned civics. I learned about law, and the constitution, and the charter of rights and freedoms, about section fifteen and about section seven and section eleven. I learned that you, Canada, are multicultural. You love us. The foreign born us, the coloured us, the non-Christian us, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free – us. You loved us, who chose to make a home with you.

So I did. My family did. I chose to make a home with you. I swore the oath. I was eight, and I cried with pride as I swore the oath. As a Canadian Citizen, I cried with pride when I sang “Oh, Canada” for the first time.

Oh, Canada.

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